“The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day.”  St. Gianna Molla

CLASS RETREATS are a fundamental aspect of the student experience at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School and are designed to meet the diverse developmental and faith needs of our students. The freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes participate in one required retreat during the school year. The retreats take place off-campus over a regular school day and center around a common theme. The senior class participates in a required overnight retreat on campus as a culmination of their previous formative retreat experiences and functions as preparation for living as men and women of faith in the world. Along with class retreats, students participate in a day of service retreat each year. 

Retreats are meant to provide students with a “pause” from the demands of their school day and allow them to enter more deeply into a relationship with God and their classmates. Retreats also offer a way for our students to engage in leadership and community building throughout the retreat. Faculty are actively involved in each retreat day and provide positive examples of servant leadership to our students, in addition to their commitment and time in the classroom. Retreats are vital as they create the bonds that tie our community together as one Body in Christ, as brothers and sisters sent out to share the message of the Gospel with all. 

Contact Mr. Dion for all class and service retreats.

Daniel Dion

Daniel Dion


Student Testimonials

"I have always enjoyed attending retreats throughout my years at JPII, but the one during my senior year was the best. The community aspect of our class grew during the senior retreat. That was my favorite retreat by far at JPII, and I hope every senior can attend theirs because it is a fulfilling experience." - Esosa Osaitile '19

“At the freshman retreat, as an upperclassman, I enjoyed leading discussions with the groups of freshmen. I was very impressed by how mature they were and how they actually stayed on topic and seriously answered the questions. They were very appreciative of my advice and insight.” Jackson Cook ‘20

"The Emmaus Walk activity was phenomenal at the junior retreat. It not only allowed me to get to know one of my peers on a different level, but it enabled me to walk more in-depth in my faith." - Emma Wasden '20

“Throughout my JPII experience,  class retreats have given me a chance to  grow closer to classmates through discussions in small group settings.” - Megan Davis ‘20

Retreat Themes by Year

Freshmen: “Our encounter with Christ…sets us on the right path.” – St. Pope John Paul II 

                  Focus on Foundations

Sophomores: “Each one of us belongs to a great family…” – St. Pope John Paul II   

                  Focus on Community 

Juniors: “Be generous…in the service of your brothers and sisters.” – St. Pope John Paul II 

                  Focus on Servant Leadership

Seniors: “The future is in your heart and in your hands.” – St. Pope John Paul II 

                  Focus on Discipleship

SEARCH Retreats

SEARCH is a spiritual retreat offered through the Diocese of Nashville and open to juniors and seniors. The retreat provides an opportunity for students to enrich their faith life and family relationships. It is not designed to change who you are, but is a special encounter with Jesus Christ, which will help you live a Christian life as you enter young adulthood. The experience aims to ignite the disciple in each participant to go forth and proclaim the good news. More information and registration can be found at