Become a Mentor!

Mentoring a student requires time and sometimes modification in your daily schedule, but it can be gratifying for both you and the intern. Becoming a mentor is simple! Complete the Mentor Information Form, and then you will be contacted by the Dean of Faculty and Instruction to arrange the details for your internship. 

Mentor Responsibilities  
  • Attend the interview day at the beginning of the semester, either virtual or in-person (preferred). Although we may already know who will be placed with you, we would like to provide the students with the opportunity to practice interview skills.
  • Develop and provide the students with a welcome package that introduces them to your business or profession. These will be presented to the students when they are placed with you.
  • Arrange the days and times for the students to attend the internship. You may arrange the hours to meet your needs. Students will be dismissed from school twice per week at 12:30 p.m. Some students may need to return to school by 3:30 p.m. for sports practice. This should still allow for 1.5 - 2 hours at the placement. They will need to complete a minimum of 40 hours over 16 weeks.
  • Provide a safe environment for the students. Mentors should refer to the Catholic Diocese's Child and Youth Safety - Safe Environment Program for more information. A student should never be alone with an adult or transported alone in a vehicle. 
  • Communicate with the Dean of Faculty & Instruction at (615) 590-6058 or email if the student is not attending the internship. Students who are sick will communicate with you and copy the Dean of Faculty & Instruction in advance of their absence if at all possible. Missing the placement for homework, projects, or other activities should not occur unless the Dean of Faculty & Instruction pre-approves. A detailed schedule of potential conflicts will be provided to the mentor at the beginning of the placement.
  • Work with the student to set five specific and measurable goals to meet by the end of the semester. A great place to start is with the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Goals and Skills developed by previous mentors, partners, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship teachers.  
  • Provide feedback to the student both in person and through the Google evaluation tool emailed to you at the mid-way point of the internship and at the end.  
  • Host an exit interview with the intern at the end of the placement.
  • If available, attend the mentor luncheon in late May. This is an opportunity for us to thank mentors for the impact they made on the students at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School.

What mentors say about our students!

"Grace has done extremely well. She comes each week with a great attitude, asks a lot of excellent questions, and interacts easily with the kids and their families. Grace often shares what she's learning in anatomy and physiology, as well as her psychology class, which has given us a lot of good topics for discussion. Although Grace is only required to attend the field study two hours a week, she occasionally stays longer to finish seeing patients. I have enjoyed having her work with us, and I can only hope that all of the students will be this enthusiastic." Dr. Samuel J. Murray, Gallatin Children's Clinic


Dr. Swan has been impressed with Elijah and Greta. They have been helpful in developing a program of questions they and future interns will work through in the future. Greta’s portion may actually be developed into a pre-test and a post-test and Elijah put together a detailed outline. They both have had an opportunity to watch a surgery with the new robot at the hospital. Dr. Chad Swan, Thoracic Surgeon



Dr. Kyriakidas feels strongly that the students at JPII are highly and unusually qualified for entering the professional world. After completing only three modules for the winter internships, one of the students visited her relative in the hospital. She observed the vital signs and symptoms and began to ask questions of the nurse. She even asked if a specific test had been run to check for sepsis. The nurse then ordered the test, and her relative was diagnosed, treated, and began to improve. Dr. Pat Kyriakidis, NovEx


"Lexi has been engaged and gained a lot from the internship. We have been flexible with the times and days with her to accommodate her schedule. She was able to play some of her songs for our publishing person and spend time in the studio. The second half will be more label-related." Ed Leonard, Daywind Music


"What a cute, smart, sharp girl! We are so impressed, and it once again, shows the caliber of student JPII produces. She is great." Lindy Gaughn, RE/MAX Choice Properties