Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The goal of the Pope John Paul II Preparatory School Innovation and Entrepreneurship program is to combine rigorous understanding with creative thinking to produce new ideas, perspectives, and products. Innovative thinking develops best when ideas are allowed to collide: student, faculty, and community perspectives provide a rich opportunity for generating new ideas and a way of thinking that will be valuable to students over a lifetime. 

In the changing economy, new skills are necessary for the leaders of tomorrow. Lifelong learners who develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, rather than those who memorize, will have the agility and adaptability to navigate these changes. The 21st-century innovators must be creative and curious, and to make changes in the world, they must develop confidence in their unique voices and communicate effectively. These skills are embedded in every course across the curricula. However, the development and value proposition of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses are guided by the student's ability to create and engage outside the classroom. 


Internships and Career Development

Immersion into potential careers as interns provides a wonderful opportunity for high school students to observe the skills needed in a profession and measure their interest in the field. Students are encouraged to ask questions and get to know all aspects of a career during their placements. While many students will choose to enter the workforce in the field of their internship placement, others use this as an opportunity to realize that their skills or interests are in a different area. That opportunity to grow in understanding is invaluable as students select their college major or professional path. 

If you would like to become involved in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship program or have questions, please contact Jennifer Dye, Dean of Faculty and Instruction


A Growing Legacy

Over 325 students have participated in 92 different internships since the program began in 2016.

After internships, many Pope Prep graduates have pursued careers related to their internship experience in nursing, engineering, music production, political science, and law


Internship Program FAQ

Internship Success Stories