Pope John Paul II Preparatory School always welcomes parents and community volunteers. Our volunteers can help in several areas from academic competitions, fine art performances, or athletic events. Volunteers can provide hospitality for special occasions, monitor math competitions, build sets for theatre productions, and make fundraising phone calls, to name a few. The opportunities are countless, and our appreciation is genuine! 

Pope Prep has several associations that volunteers can become a member of if they prefer to dedicate their time to fine arts or athletics. The Fine Arts Booster (FAB) supports all of the art disciplines, which include choral, instrumental, theatrical, and visual. The Knight Athletic Club (KAC) promotes all sports teams and strives to reduce expenses of the athletic department. 

Volunteers can also make themselves available to the school in a more general way. They are encouraged to join the Parent Association Committee (PAC), which casts a broader net throughout the school.


We encourage all parents to select at least one area (more if you are able) to help support us this year. You can sign up for a committee by completing this form on the website.