Summer Assignments



  • If you do not see an assignment for your next year's class, you do not have a summer assignment.
  • Returning students should know their course placements based on conversations with teachers and counselors.
  • High school teachers communicated to their students their summer assignments for next year's class (on behalf of their new teacher) before the end of the school year. Example: Mrs. Childress gave her current Honors Algebra 2 students the summer assignment for next year's Honors Pre-Calculus).
  • Middle school students and parents received an email from Mrs. Peper that included summer assignments.
  • Incoming middle school students are not expected to complete a summer assignment. 
  • Incoming high school students will receive course placements and assignments from Mrs. Peper via email when available. 


  • The Apple Pencil Generation 1 is strongly suggested
  • All other classroom supplies will be shared by individual teachers on the first day of school. 
Required calculator for all students