Student Life

Pope John Paul II Preparatory School strives to create a Catholic culture in a cooperative community. Our goal is to foster and develop a sense of morality, responsibility, and social consciousness in each student. 

We want our students to form strong and lasting relationships with their peers, teachers, and coaches, and we provide a variety of events for this to happen. Beginning with the new student orientation to the "Senior Walk" before graduation, students embrace opportunities to have fun. There are pep rallies, tailgates, House games, dances, retreats, community service, and many more opportunities for students to bond and make lasting memories and life-long friendships. 

Congratulations to our high school Knights on a Mission for December!  These Knights were nominated by teachers for living out the mission of being strong in mind, body, character, or spirit.

High School students living out the mission of Pope John Paul II Preparatory School


The class of 2024 began their senior year of high school with traditional balloons, backpacks, and a blessing from Fr. Ohanaka. God bless the class of 2024 and all of our wonderful students and teachers who begin their new year today!

Pictures courtesy of Andy Telli to The Tennesse Register.

welcome back to school article by andy telli

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