House System

Pope John Paul II Preparatory School stands on the belief that education extends beyond the classroom. We want students to build relationships with one another, faculty, staff, and coaches in meaningful, healthy ways. The House System helps to make this happen by creating smaller communities within the school to encourage friendships, promote school spirit, and develop student leadership. 

Each House includes a balanced mix of 6th-12th graders. The Houses hold the name of a pope whose example of openness, faith, and service to others provides us inspiration to live as Christ desires us to live. They are The House of Clement, The House of Gregory the Great, The House of John XXIII, The House of Leo XIII, The House of Peter, and The House of Pius IX. 

The student-led House Council works with the Director of Houses to plan social events, school spirit days, school dances, House competitions, and House games. The House competitions and House games all lead to the grand prize awarded at the end of the year – the highly-coveted House Cup.   

Jayne Tuerff

Jayne Tuerff

Titles: Assistant Dean Of Students, Assistant Track & Field Coach