Pope John Paul II Preparatory School Parent and Student Handbook


Inspired by faith, Pope John Paul II preparatory School prepares students to be strong in mind, body, character, and spirit for lives of learning and service, according to the Gospel."


We welcome you to Pope John Paul II Preparatory School, one of the finest Catholic schools in the country. In our short history, we have accomplished so much and gained considerable praise for our Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, which has redefined the role of STEM/STREAM programs and internships in Catholic education. We always seek to provide our students and their families with the best education,  grounded in our love for and faith in God. Our teachers, coaches, staff, board trustees, parents, and diocesan leaders are partners in a great mission that helps transform our students' lives so they can positively influence God's world. We thank you for being part of this great school and look forward to making every day at Pope Prep a great day to be a Knight.

Our handbook outlines our curriculum, our program, and our policies. It is a tool to show what is possible when you seek new challenges, take risks, and try new things. A good education teaches you how to overcome obstacles and not avoid them. At Pope Prep, we help and support students to go "beyond themselves" and be part of something bigger. Our policies help us live within a community to make it better. Parents and students should review the handbook and understand our community so you may thrive here and find joy in your time as a Knight.

Table of Contents