Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Developing Lifelong Learners and 21st Century Innovators

In the changing economy, new skills are necessary for the leaders of tomorrow. Lifelong learners who develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, rather than those who memorize, will have the agility and adaptability to navigate these changes. The 21st century innovators and entrepreneurs must be creative and curious, and to make changes in the world, they must develop confidence in their unique voices and abilities of effective communication. Although these skills are embedded in every course across the curricula, students’ ability to create - to authentically engage with the world outside of the classroom through a performance, a product, or an internship - guides the development of the courses and the value proposition of every course in the Department of Arts, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Middle School Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Business Entrepreneurship
Computer Science
Knights Success Program
Leadership Policy Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship
Video Broadcasting