“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it.” - Saint John Paul II

Pope John Paul II Preparatory School's Visual and Performing Arts program is an essential component of a Pope Prep education. Research has proven that focusing on art education in depth over time improves students' academic, emotional, and intellectual development, which has deepened our resolve to invest in the arts. 

The Arts are composed of five tracks: Choral, Dance, Instrumental, Theatrical, and Visual. We believe that the student should tailor their art education to their personal desires. Students may sample a variety of arts or concentrate on a particular area. Over four years, students are required to take one year of study (or two years of Fine Art and zero years of Innovation and Entrepreneurship). Still, students may pursue as many Fine Art classes as their schedule allows (there have been students in the past who have graduated with eight art credits). 

Our performing arts facilities include a state-of-the-art theater, a full instrumental room, a recording studio, a choir room, and individual rehearsal spaces. The first-class visual art studios are designed for 2D and 3D projects. Equipment for photography and advanced computer graphics and design is also available. Additionally, students have the opportunity for publication through Digital media courses. 

Our innovative faculty and fine arts courses have led Pope Prep artists to participate in performances and competitions beyond the Pope community. Groups have traveled to festivals and competitions all over the country, and students have won numerous awards, honors, and recognitions in local and regional contests. Pope alumni have gone on to study art in colleges and universities throughout the nation, and many alumni have built careers in music, design, theater, cinema, and performing arts. 

Austin Peyret and Jonas Reynolds

Join us in congratulating Pope Prep's Choir Members of the Month! 

Freshman Austin Peyret and 8th grader Jonas Reynolds were selected as October's honorees by the choir officers for helping to create a welcoming, positive, and energetic choir environment. 

Congratulations, Austin and Jonas!

Emma Chittle and Henry Curlee

Join us in congratulating Pope Prep's Choir Members of the Month! 

Junior Emma Chittle and 7th grader Henry Curlee were selected September's honorees by the choir officers for their positivity, strong work ethic, respect, and kindness in the choir classroom. 

Congratulations, Emma and Henry!