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The best way to get the "feel" of a school is to visit it -- ideally in session!

School Tour

Our Admissions Team is happy to provide your family with a personal tour. Please REGISTER to schedule an appointment for a tour. If you have any questions regarding tours, please contact Charles Wade.

During the school year, students can also have an authentic experience for a day by scheduling a Shadow Day (see below). Let us know how we can serve your family.

Shadow Day

Do you think you might want to become a Knight? Get the inside scoop on a typical day at Pope during a Shadow Day. The day is specifically designed to give prospective students a first-hand experience of a full academic day. PLEASE NOTE: Shadow Days will begin on August 22, 2022. 

  • Arrive at Pope by 9:00 a.m. and meet your Pope Prep Student Shadow Ambassador. The admissions team will choose a Pope student for you to shadow, or, if you have a friend who is a current student at Pope, you can shadow him/her.
  • Attend a full day of academic classes until 1:00 p.m. This includes eating lunch with your Shadow Ambassador along with the Pope Prep student body. You will also take an entrance exam appropriate to your grade level and have a short interview with a member of the admissions team.
  • Participation in the classroom is encouraged! You will experience extraordinary instruction from our faculty.
  • During your visit, individual contact with a teacher, coach, club moderator, or academic department chair may be arranged. Let us know who you would like to meet!
  • Shadow Days are intended for students who are considering enrollment at Pope Prep for the next academic school year.
  • Dress for success and wear gender-appropriate uniform type clothing (polo and khaki pants). You can also wear your current school uniform. Jeans (without holes) and appropriate t-shirts may be worn on Fridays.

Schedule your Shadow Day Visit TODAY!

  1. You must have already created an Admissions Portal account before you can schedule a Shadow Day. You can verify your account HERE
  2. If you have created an Admissions Portal account, then you may schedule your Shadow Day HERE.

Questions? Contact the Admissions Office at (615) 590-6005.

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