Admissions Process

If you're ready to apply, the necessary steps are outlined below. Please note that admissions decisions are not made until all steps are completed and on file in the Admissions Office. Applicants completing the process by the early action deadline are given priority in the selection of classes for the following year.

If you have any questions concerning the admissions process, please call the Admissions Office at (615) 590-6005.


2024-2025 ACADEMIC YEAR 


Admissions Policy

Pope John Paul II Preparatory School does not discriminate based on race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, or sex. Though our first priority is to serve the Catholic community, we welcome students and families of all Christian faiths united in service to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We also welcome those from other faith traditions. In this outreach, we take inspiration from our namesake, Saint John Paul II, who said:

It is absolutely clear that ecumenism, the movement promoting Christian unity, is not just some sort of "appendix" which is added to the Church's traditional activity. Rather, ecumenism is an organic part of her life and work, and consequently must pervade all that she is and does; it must be like the fruit borne by a healthy and flourishing tree, which grows to its full stature. (John Paul II, Ut Unum Sint, 1995).

Regarding those from other faith traditions, he said: "(Inter-religious dialogue) is often a source of great joy and encouragement. It leads us to discover how God is at work in the minds and hearts of people and indeed in their rites and customs. "(John Paul II, address to Council for Inter-religious Dialogue, 2001).

In evaluating applicants, the Admissions Office seeks students who have the prerequisite skills to succeed in a college preparatory program. The evaluation includes an assessment of the student's prior academic record, teacher recommendations, an entrance exam, and a personal interview. 

A wide diversity of scholarly talent exists at Pope Prep and is supported by three levels of academic offerings. Students can choose between College Preparatory, Honors courses, and Advanced Placement program selections, depending on aptitude and work ethic. If you have any questions concerning the admissions process, please call the Admissions Office at (615) 822-2375 x6005.