Apple Distinguished School

We are pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2022-2025 for our continuous innovation in learning, teaching, and the school environment. 

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"Inspired by faith, Pope John Paul II preparatory School prepares students to be strong in mind, body, character, and spirit for lives of learning and service, according to the Gospel."


We believe that all students have the potential to be successful. Our students embody varying talents and interests, and we know that if those talents are harnessed, they can provide a dynamic opportunity for our community to grow through diversity. Our students are provided the opportunity to gain their understanding through exploration, experimentation, and dialogue. Creative learning allows them to apply their knowledge and innovate while empowering them to reach new goals. Teachers report that students frequently engage in teamwork and critical thinking when integrating technology.


95% INTEREST in PDFaculty are eager for PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT that will teach new ways to integrate technology in the classroom.

100% REal world

Faculty want to create learning opportunities that relate to the REAL WORLD.


All faculty at Pope Prep are CERTIFIED Apple Teachers.

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Students CONNECT in science and math courses by utilizing iPad for data collection and modeling, underpinning the conceptualization of big data. Student experiences become engaging through authentic problems.

Students COLLABORATE in language arts and social studies courses through research, presentations, common goals, and relationship building.

Students CREATE in visual arts and marketing courses by developing imaginative content through photography, videography, editing, and graphic design. Students design products and produce social media marketing for school spirit. In World Language and Performing Arts courses, students utilize audio and video production to record and share creations and demonstrate their proficiency.


Students learn through the creative and collaborative power of technology.

  • We develop goals with a growth mindset as a STEM  Designated School. 
  • We partner with community members to provide new opportunities and innovation for our students. 
  • We empower students to innovate and apply understanding through technology resources (state-of-the-art maker space, computer lab, and robotics facility).
  • We provide students the opportunity to create animations, interactive notebooks, and videos. 
  • We push boundaries through our willingness to explore the power of technology.


Students learn to understand our world, its environment , and its people.

  • Students learn through experimentation, primary sources, language immersion, service-based learning, presentations, and performances.
  • Teachers learn through high-quality professional development to be designers of learning experiences that promote a growth mindset and leverage technology. 
  • Students experience collaborative learning in our innovation and entrepreneurship state-of-the-art maker space.


Students' success is accurately measured and evaluated.

  • We measure our success by the student's level of understanding of themselves, their faith, the disciplines they study, and the world they live in when they graduate.
  • We adequately prepare students for college and how they can contribute to their community. 
  • We measure students' growth through formative assessments, including observations, reflections, testing, and summative assessments.
  • Our STEM team analyzes survey data which becomes the rationale for technology purchasing and implementation, program development, and facility modifications, which consistently align with our mission and vision. 


We are committed to the future of our faculty, students, and community. 

  • We will incentivize professional development and product creation.
  • We will utilize Apple-managed IDs so students can collaborate with Apple Apps.
  • We will provide additional support for teachers in lesson development and technology integration.
  • We will gather data on teacher and student growth, potentially incorporating portfolios.
  • We will explore new technology options, such as AR/VR for learning and coding.
  • We will extend maker space size and options to reflect student and teacher interests.
  • We will expand STEM opportunities to increase student and community engagement.