Pope John Paul II Preparatory School believes there is no better way to learn about other cultures, and better understand our own, than to travel abroad.


FOR EXPERIENCE. Pope Prep has been sponsoring trips abroad since 2004, with the first being an exchange with St. Edmunds College in Ware, Hertfordshire. In 2018, Pope Prep partnered with Education First Tours for foreign travel. EF Tours has partnered with educators for over 50 years and has become the world leader in international education, with more than 1 million students annually experiencing their programs. Pope Prep has also offered a two-week language and cultural immersion trip to Quito, Ecuador, which takes place in the summer. The program allows students of any Spanish level to improve their fluency. 

FOR SERVICE. In addition to traveling abroad for experience, Pope Prep also offers national and international service trips over the summer. Historically, Pope Prep has offered an annual trip to Bethlehem Farm in the heart of the Appalachia mountains in Talcott, West Virginia. The encounter provides an opportunity for students to experience life on the farm while learning sustainability practices. 

Additionally, Haiti Love is a partnership between Pope Prep and Haiti180. On this trip, students and faculty spend a week in the villages of Duverger and Danndan, approximately 80 miles west of Port au Prince. While there, the team works on projects that may be in an orphanage, school, elderly home, or medical clinic. The mission is a powerful experience and inspires many of our students to continue a life of service post-graduation.

Pope Prep will presents a three-year travel plan which provides Pope Prep families ample time to save for their student's travel experience. Students will have an opportunity to experience England, France, Italy, and Spain.

Travel Rotation