Graduation Requirements

Students must earn a total of 32 credits for high school graduation. The following distribution of courses is required:

4 credits in English, Mathematics, and Theology*

3 credits in Science, Social Studies, Arts & Innovation

2 credits in Foreign Language**

1 credit in P.E./Wellness

8 credits in elective courses

*Theology for high school transfer students in years prior to enrollment at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School will be waived.

**The general Foreign Language requirement for students at Pope Prep is that all students must take two consecutive years of the same foreign language. Exceptional circumstances of international/transfer students will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students must earn 8.25 credits per year to advance to the next grade level. Students may not repeat a grade level or retake a course during a subsequent school year. For those who fail classes, the credit must be restored at Pope Prep in our summer school credit restoration program in order to be eligible to advance to the next year at Pope Prep.


Transfer Credits

Transfer credits from accredited institutions are accepted as proof of satisfactory completion of coursework up until the point of transfer. However, due to differences between schools in the weighting of grades and the types of courses that schools offer, the grade point average of transfer students will be based solely on grades earned in courses taken at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School. Transcripts documenting credits from other institutions will be sent to colleges along with the Pope Prep transcript.

Transfer students who have spent two or more years at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School will be eligible for consideration for valedictorian if the grade point average earned at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School computes at the top of the class. A student who has attended Pope John Paul II Preparatory School for fewer than four semesters is not eligible for consideration for valedictorian, salutatorian, or honors graduate status.